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you can hold my hand but please
don’t get mad when my fingers
crumble between yours and leave
dust under your nails that you
can’t get out no matter how many
times you wash your hands

and you can kiss me and I’ll lean
into you and close my eyes and
tangle my tongue with yours but
try not to stop when things get
salty and you start tasting tears
dripping into your open mouth

and if you’re going to tell me
you love me, don’t walk out
when I start rambling on about
some story of the time I was
16 and broke my wrist on metal
that was supposed to feel like
love but really just felt cold and
kissed like hospital bills in
response to you

sleep next to me and wake me
when I start screaming. Please
don’t let your headache and
sleep drenched eyes seep into
your smile when you say my

I guess this is what they meant when they said “hard to love” (via extrasad)

(via percocet-princess)

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